Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. Porter - The "N" Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2011]

Mr. Porter - The "N" Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Beautiful Thang
03. Emotions 1
04. How Can I Leave Her
05. Emotions 2
06. Moneyyy
07. Smoking Gunnnn
08. What Can I
09. Outro

Mr. Porter - How Can I Leave Her

Mr. Porter - How Can I Leave Her by Beat_Tape_Co_Op

*Spotted over at

Mr Porter via Twitter

Round the time Nas album was titled it I was submitting beats for it. This was also a good start to jump back into the game because after the tragedy of Proof and Dilla I wasn’t fucking with music. So while coming outta depression I made a beat cd for the
Nigga album. When I submit music to artist I do a album worth of songs the way I hear the album and they pick what they like (yea it’s my OCD way of submitting music). Any way I’m gonna share that album with my fans and friends this morning.

God sent snow today so since u niggas aint goin no where enjoy these beats that never saw the nigga album.

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