Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update #5 - 50-50-50 Beat Tape

Beat Tape Co-Op Presents - The 50-50-50 Beat Tape

Sorry for the delay in updates, as some of you might remember we had a computer melt down and our computer crashed. We are back on track and just revised our list for the 50-50-50 Beat Tape. Before our computer crashed we had saved tracks on a back-up hardrive that were sent to us. So has of right now, this is the list of producers we have confirmed for the beat tape. If you did send us a beat and your name ain't on the list please e-mail us again Once again this is our revised list and thank you to all the producers/beatmakers for your support.

Producers/Beatmakers List:

01. DJ Mentos
02. King Boom
03. RasOm
04. The Furious One
05. DJ Wax On
06. Loop King aka King Beats
07. Danny Drive Thru
08. Maxime Robin
09. RNO Productions
10. Rouh
11. XTTK
12. Juels
13. Rawk Smith
14. Jaekim
15. Alkota
16. Coolhands
17. Doc Da Mindbenda
18. Hayling
19. Lee Spacey

1 comment:

  1. Oh man. Had a similar failure about a month ago. My last backup was four months ago though, sucks to be me :-S :-D

    Good to see you back up, will send a few beats your way as soon as I polish them! :-)