Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prosodi J.- Ichi (One) [Beat Tape] [2012]

Prosodi J.- Ichi (One) [Beat Tape]
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01. Forget the Past
02. Tears of the Sky
03. After Dark
04. Reflections
05. Be Cool Pt.2
06. Ego
07. Hardtimes
08. Hope
09. Kurushii Pt. 2
10. Melodic Relaxation
11. Daylight
12. Thought
13. UpTempo
14. Runnin'

Prosodi J.- Ichi (One) Thanks to Prosodi J. for sending this over! δΈ€ ichi (One) is the 1st Album released under the TailorMadeNoise outfit following the "The World As I Hear It" album. Ichi is a blend of old and new instrumental Hip-hop, Breakbeat, and Jazz with influences from just about every genre possible.

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