Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doc Heller - .​.​.​As The Record Spins [Beat Tape] [2013]

Doc Heller - .​.​.​As The Record Spins [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Are Yah Rolling? 
 02. Living In A World Of Fools 
 03. I'm Sure With You 
 04. A Beat For You 
 05. East River (Interlude)
 06. Thousand Years 
 07. Lonesome 
 08. Looking For Action 
 09. Mixed Emotions 
 10. Can't Go On 
 11. Get The Cash 
 12. Thank You For Your Love 
 13. Joining Forces 
 14. Fear And Self Loathing 
 15. Poison Apple 
 16. Tonight's The Night 
 17. You're Stupid 
 18. Falling In Lust 
 19. Let's Go Outside 
 20. You Is What You Are
 21. My Sweet 
 22. Beauty 

Doc Heller - .​.​.​As The Record Spins

...As The Record Spins" takes you on a journey through the mind of the mad scientist Doc Heller as he plays and converts vinyl in his laboratory. He then manipulates and loops these samples with his trusty sidekick Mixcraft. The final product is an album constructed of sounds converted to thoughts converted back to sounds, for you to bump in the whip with that real live shit.

 Limited 15 Copy Cassette Release (First two copies sold come in tan cassette cases)

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