Thursday, February 7, 2013

10A - oNESHOt [Beat Tape] [2013]

10A - oNESHOt [Beat Tape]
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 01. oNESHOt Intro feat. Scribe (Produced By 10A) 
 02. MP7 anthem (Produced By 10A) 
 03. Crazy bish (Produced By 10A)
 04. A-I Interlude (Produced By 10A) 
 05. Artificial intelligence (Produced By 10A) Extended
 06. Airplane (Produced By 10A) 
 07. The passing feat. Peter Lee Johnson (Produced By 10A)
 08. I will never forget you (Produced By 10A) 
 09. Run away feat. Vince Harder (Produced by 10A)
 10. What are you waiting for (Produced By 10A)

10A - oNESHOt


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