Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BE.water - Beyond The Sky [Beat Tape] [2013]

BE.water - Beyond The Sky [Beat Tape]
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 01. Find Yourself (Searching, Searching.) 
 02. Moccasins (Ancient Tribe Soul) 
 03. Beyond The Skies (Lies...Space)
 04. Carolina Blues (Her Airness) 
 05. Of Blind Faith (Love, As It Is) 
 06. Dark Jupiter (Moonlights) 
 07. Astro Warriors (Gold State Rockets) 
 08. As The Clouds Cry (Rain Drops)
 09. Exactly What You Want (What You Want) 
 10. Forever's A Reason (Everlasting Love) 
 11. Back To Life (A Dream Deferred) 
 12. Satellites (If We Don't Land) 
 13. Living, Breathing. (Life And Times)
 14. Intergalactic Telecommunication (First Contact)
 15. Trials of Odysseus (Cyclops) 
 16. The Unknowns (Outer Regions) 
 17. Save A Life (Helping Hand) 
 18. If We Say Goodbye (Left) 
 19. The Return (Like I Never Left) 

 BE.water - Beyond The Sky


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