Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Calcei - Short Songs [Album] [2013]

Calcei - Short Songs [Album]
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 01. Classic (produced by Three-O)
 02. Anxiety Attacks (produced by Three-O) 
 03. D for Dope (produced by Keef Boxx) 
 04. Ahead of My Game (produced by Soulful Delinquent)
 05. Your State (produced by Jay Norm) 
 06. B L A C K Girls (produced by Jay Norm) 
 07. Paint Like Bob Ross (produced by Three-O)
 08. Her Name is Nothing...(produced by Three-O) 
 09. She's My Pocket Calculator (produced by Superlative Beats) 
 10. Just Smile featuring Ogemdi and Nnamdi (produced by Jay Norm)

 Calcei - Short Songs


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