Saturday, February 16, 2013

Man of The Downtrodden - 30Beats30Days Vol​.​2 [Beat Tape] [2013]

Man of The Downtrodden - 30Beats30Days Vol​.​2 [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Philosophical Speculation of Early Civilizations
 02. Grossly Unnecessary Caffeine Provisions AKA Cryptobiosis 
 03. Gnome Assassins From Craigslist
 04. A Manifesto For Clear Thought And Personal Safety 
 05. Flashes of Bright Light; The Chill of A Visitation 
 06. Rumination On The Future; Natural Cleansing 
07. Chaos In Babylon; Agents of Shadow and Winter
 08. Convergys Is A Hellhole That Taught Me How To Be A Decent Person
 09. Why Do We Like The Music We Like?
 10. Burn, Pillage, Steal; Kill, Kill, Kill; Shwarma 
11. The Phoenixx(DoubleESB) Rises... Cause I Froze It Accidentally.
 12. You Wanted Video Game Boom Bap... Well Here You Go, Now Rhyme On It 
 13. Five Things: The Lady, Food, Music, Beer, Family
 14. Ride the Singularity Til' The Omega Point 
 15. When A Pueblo Indian Does Not Feel In The Right Mood... 
 16. The Final Ending On The End 
 17. Lying POTUS; Drones Attack! 
18. Llama-Penguin Relations Begot Chicken Levitation 
19. Aloo Sabzi & The Religious Indifferentism
 20. Fuck The World. There Are No More Twinkies
 21. Where Women Are Not Honored, No Sacrifice Rites Yield Reward 
 22. An NES and 808 Trash Claps
 23. The Carol Of The Kings; Plus Boom Bap 
24. Hot Water: Cleanses Bacteria, Renews Mind And Body. 
 25. Cast Aside Your Wicked Ways, You Stuttering Heathen. 
 26. Eat Heartily, Live Forever, Stay Jung 
 27. The Manner In Which Things Don't Always But Sometimes Happen
 28. A Day In The Life Of An Imaginary Culinary Consultant
 29. Teleported To The Land Of The Swagzilla 
30. Stop Tryin'a Be All Profoun'n'shit[Mantle Of The All-Chemist] 

Man of The Downtrodden - 30Beats30Days Vol​.​2


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