Monday, February 18, 2013

Rusty Joints - Chaos Plays the Notes [Beat Tape] [2012]

 Rusty Joints - Chaos Plays the Notes [Beat Tape]
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 01. Chaos Plays the Notes 
 02. Hunter vs. Hunter 
 03. Ultra Man Beat 
 04. This Aint No Place For You
 05. Sometimes I Work Slow 
06. On Mission 
 07. Along the Surface of the Ocean 
 08. Run That Back 
 09. Bistec Encebollado from Quisqueya
 10. Traffic Cop with the Fatty 
 11. Got Me Stupid 
 12. Speedin' With a MetroCard 
 13. Sci-Fi Kung-Fu
 14. Epic
 15. You 
 16. I'm Going Up the Andes, You Want Something?
 17. Distorted Recolection 
 18. Hit the Share Button 
 19. Party in the Next Town 
 20. I Don't Feel So Good 
 21. A Walk Over the 99th Bridge 
 22. Even As We Speak
 23. All Across the Sky 
 24. Sometimes I Work Quick
 25. Bad Reception 
 26. Rubber Hammer Time 
 27. Dedication to the Full Moon Jam
 28. Joanna Plays the Harp in Old San Juan
 29. Turning Glass into Rocks 
 30. Game Over, Son 
 31. Purpose 
 32. Materialize (instrumental) 
 33. Yo Face

 Rusty Joints - Chaos Plays the Notes

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