Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sev Samples - Vintage Rebirth [Beat Tape/Mix] [2013]

 Sev Samples - Vintage Rebirth [Beat Tape/Mix] 
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 01. Vintage Rebirth 21:42 

 1. So Real -TeV95 
 2. Otter Pop -Vintage Production 
 3. Kush -Evolve One
 4. Only Time -Foner 
 5. T-Wiz -The Beat Tape Project 
 6. Sativa Evolve One 
 7. Harmonics -Uhoh 
 8. Love Jones -Chuck Tailor
 9. Cotton Mouth -Evolve One 
 10. Vagabond Black Girl -The Beat Tape Project 
 11. To Neptune N Back -Nu Vintage 
 12. Ow, Girl (Hertz Donuts) -Raw Stiles

 Sev Samples - Vintage Rebirth

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