Friday, March 15, 2013

AWOL ONE - Collaborations Free Mixtape 2 [Mixtape] [2013]

 AWOL ONE - Collaborations Free Mixtape 2 [Mixtape]
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 01. Dead Seagull Medicine Feat. Awol one - Dreamscape 
02. Ecid Feat. Awol One , Eyedea , Kristoff Krane - Rockstars don't apologize
 03. Grayskul and Maker Feat. Awol One - Revenge of the alleybastards
 04. Nat Motte Feat. The Shape Shifters - Young Rich Dangerous 
05. Ecid Feat. Awol One and DJ Roach - John Wayne
 06. Joaquin Daniels Feat. Awol One, Abstract Rude, Gel Roc , Shames Worthy Produced by Fat Jack DJ ZOLE - The Rundown 
07. Magnificent Ruffians Feat. Awol One and King Jesk - Janky journalism 
08. Vaults Feat. Awol One, Louis Logic , Kirby Dominant , Sole , Ceschi, Isaiah Toothtaker - Uh Uh Yeah Yeah 
09. Cadalack Ron and Breifcase Feat. Awol One - Jackknife 
10. Kay the Aquanaut and Factor Featuring Awol One - Pangean Drift
 11. Crook One Feat. Busdriver and Awol One - DJ My Funeral
 12. Verble Feat. Awol One - Is It Time Yet? 
13. Factor Feat. Awol One and LMNO - The Magic W's 
 14. Marylin Handsome Feat. Awol One. Cheap Cologne, Capaciti, Josh Martinez and Zman - Going Fast 15. Elliot Niezel Feat. Awol one - Expertise 
 16. Cadalack Ron Feat. Machina Muerte - Machina Muerte Posse Cut 

AWOL ONE - Collaborations Free Mixtape 2


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