Monday, March 4, 2013

Cobra Star Filet - Cobra Star Filet [Beat Tape] [2013]

 Cobra Star Filet - Cobra Star Filet [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Cobra Magic (Anunnaki III and White Buffalo)
 02. Lo-Fidelity Battalion (nic plempton) 
 03. Orangoutang Bobcat (Anunnaki III) 
 04. Cobra Comet Dojo (The Incredible Tall)
 05. Bud Jam (polymath) 
 06. That CULT Shit (Stan) 
 07. Particle Rap (Stan) 
 08. Quasar BaP (nic plempton and White Buffalo) 
 09. The Mind Determines What is Real (DarkoTheSuper) 
 10. Words of a GNOME 
 11. Kodiak and Cobra (assassins have three names not serial killers)
 12. Celestial Carousels 
 13. Northern Skies (stan and nic plempton) 
 14. Cave Dwellers
 15. nic plempton on this space mission (nic plempton and White Buffalo) 
 16. Cobra Commander Shit (nic plempton) 
 17. Coastal Direction Segue
 18. Watch Out (UBC)
 19. You Know da Cobra (DarkoTheSuper) 
 20. Cobra Filet Newton
 21. Run Cobra Run....... 

Cobra Star Filet - Cobra Star Filet


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