Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mad-Hop - Vol.6 Snippet [Compilation] [2013]

 Mad-Hop - Vol.6 Snippet [Compilation] 
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 01. Mad-Hop - Vol.6 Snippet


 Two months haven’t passed since premiere of Karaoke Tundra's ‘Netvor EP’ and another compilation of Mad-Hop label is about to show up. By no means ordinary! Mad-Hop vol. 6 is the fruits of labour of musical talents from all over the world. On this album you can find old-timers who have been collaborating with the record company for many years as well as some “fresh blood” from Europe, Asia and North America. 

 Karaoke Tundra, Liquid Molly, en2ak, Jimmy Pé, Headphone Activist, Capella ft. Subtronikz , Taprikk Sweezee , Airospace + Pixelord, Kingstux, Richard Colvaen, Sun Glitterls, Ben Mono, Emufucka, J(ay)A.D, Memory9, Malefigue, Spongemagnet, Jalocin Subp Yao, oneone, Planet Soap, H-sik, 2tall, Bleep Boop, and Koloah will serve you solid dose of electronic music, hip-hop, trap, juke , footwork, wonky beats and dubstep with the whole range of experimental and crazy sounds.

 Are you curious? You should be! As usual it will be multicultural, variously, originally and fresh. So keep your finger on the pulse, Mad-Hop vol.6 is coming! Keep it MAD!

 01. Mad-Hop - Vol.6 Snippet

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