Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mixtape Meeko - Plato's Retreat [Beat Tape] [2013]

 Mixtape Meeko - Plato's Retreat [Beat Tape]
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 01. Welcome To Plato's Retreat 
 02. Dirty Minded Motivation 
 03. Digital Playboys 
 04. Space Age Boom Bap 
05. Oh Yall Thought I Was Done With the MPC Just Cause I Got a Maschine
 06. Nights On Eichenring
 07. Ease the Pain
 08. The Thrill of Defeet (Interlude) 
 09. Playa's Theme 
 10. Friend's Zone Simpin' 
 11. A Please Look Good Mission 
 12. Dime Pieces In the 3rd Trimester 
 13. For the Inhibited
 14. A Call Girl's House Key
 15. *Bonus Track* When You Need Me

Mixtape Meeko - Plato's Retreat


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