Friday, March 1, 2013

REBEL - Dear, PU​$​$​WAH [Album] [2013]

 REBEL - Dear, PU​$​$​WAH [Album] 
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 01. Smile For Me (Prod. By We Are The Tay)
 02. Ms. PU$$WAH (Prod. By Dpat) 
 03. Waiting.. (Prod. By EmE) 
 04. Valentine (Be Mine) (Prod. By MORRI$) 
 05. Diamond Eyes Feat. Edgar Rene Espino (Prod. By P3RIPH3RAL) 
 06. Fuck Fridays (Prod. By Khepra) 
 07. Swimming In You (Prod. By We Are The Tay)
 08. Morning After (Prod. By Tantu Beats) 
 09. This Bitch Fine (Prod. By REBEL/Yo!Kartelli) 
 10. K.M.I.M. (Prod. By Savvy Society) 
 11. She Get High (Prod. By EmE) 
 12. For You.. (Prod. By Savvy Society)
 13. Say Aye (Prod. By P3RIPH3RAL) 

 REBEL - Dear, PU​$​$​WAH


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