Thursday, March 7, 2013

TheBeatTapeProject - Wake Up: The Teddy Pendergrass Beat Tape [Compilation] [2013]

 TheBeatTapeProject - Wake Up: The Teddy Pendergrass Beat Tape [Compilation]
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 01. Best Love (Produced By Hillprop97) 
02. All I Need Baby (Produced By SYAMAN) 
 03. A Woman's Nature (Produced By SK) 
04. Your Place (Produced by Nabeyin)
 05. All Mine (Produced By Howard B. Knoxz)
 06. Coolin (Produced By Prosperity Beats)
 07. Be For Real (Produced By Str8Beatz) 
08. Deliverance (Produced ByThe Aqua League)
 09. Brand Nu Heavy (Produced By Skratch Zilla)
 10. Don't Stop (Produced By Salute Beatz) 
 11. For Real (A Steppers Groove) (Produced By The P.A. System)
 12. Firefox (Produced By Jay Bishop) 
 13. Last Summer (Produced By MarcNfinit)
 14. And If I Had (Produced By Scuba Steve)
 15. Love For Free (Produced By Kaimbr) 
 16. Flows Like Water (Produced By DJ Priority) 
 17. Ghetto Love (Produced By Luke White) 
 18. Set Me Free (Produced By Monowax) 
 19. With Me (DJ Face) 
 20. Power Struggle (Produced By Severe)
 21. Inspiration (Produced By Coldman Beats) 
 22. Is It Good (Produced By Jbmbeatz) 
 23. Know (Produced By Mr. Bizzn3ss) 
 24. Demand It (Produced By Dondon) 
25. Shine (Produced By Circa 94 Beats & DJ Wally Sparks)
 26. I'm Back (Produced By aiSHO) 
 27. Let Me Love You (Produced By Insite) 
 28. Make It (Produced By Gerrod Priest) 
 29. Take It Easy (Produced By The Beat Antidote)
 30. Only 2 You (Produced By Tay Lee) 
 31. Rise (Produced By Cuzzin Vinny)
 32. Madly In Love (Produced By Tecknowledgy)
 33. Ted Meests Gruss (Produced By Grussle) 
 34. The Chosen ONe (Produced By Seasoned Tones) 
35. Sleeples Nights (Produced By King Greatness) 
 36. Sweet Funk (Produced By Funky Jole)
 37. Teddy Bounce (Produced By ILL Jay) 
 38. Too You (Produced By EricGotSoul) 
 39. Vibe (Produced By Homegrown)
 40. Worth Singin' (Produced By 12AroundOne) 
 41. Play My Records (Produced By Jfilt) 
 42. Weekend (This) (Produced By Derek McCoy)
 43. Trial & Error (Produced By Lonestar) 
 44. Your Sure? (Produced By HectoriHanzo)
 45. That Feelin (Produced By Charlie Kiqdrum Ent.)
 46. The Good Old Days (Produced By PG) 
 47. Who Do You See (Produced By Gee Wiz)

TheBeatTapeProject - Wake Up: The Teddy Pendergrass Beat Tape


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