Saturday, April 27, 2013

CIRUS & BeatStro - Colliding Styles [Beat Tape] [2013]

 CIRUS & BeatStro - Colliding Styles [Beat Tape]
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 01. An Emcee's Orchestra (Produced By BeatStro) 
 02. That Ol' Boom Bap (Produced By CIRUS) 
 03. Beast of the Beats (Produced By BeatStro) 
04. Losing My Shadow (Produced By BeatStro)
 05. Purpose (Produced By CIRUS) 
 06. Another Day (Produced By CIRUS) 
 07. Coffy (Produced By BeatStro) 
08. Track * (Produced By CIRUS) 
 09. Alright (Produced By CIRUS) 
 10. Bounty Hunters Fighting Samurais (Produced By BeatStro) 
 11. Gravity (Produced By CIRUS & BeatStro) 
 12. From The Heart (Produced By CIRUS) 

 CIRUS & BeatStro - Colliding Styles


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