Friday, April 5, 2013

Foci - The Achievement Gap [Album] [2013]

 Foci - The Achievement Gap [Album]
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 01. Nualabam (Intro) 
 02. Los Angelinos (4 Carl Get'em) [Produced by Science]
 03. Remote Control feat. Christine Ariya [Produced by Diverse] 
 04. Devil in Disguise [Produced by Nathan Allen]
 05. Gone With The Wind (Pushing Daisies) [Produced by Science] 
06. She Said [Produced by Diverse] 
 07. Real DJs feat. Christine Ariya [Produced by Diverse] 
08. Three's A Crowd [Produced by Jansport J]
 09. Promise Land [Produced by Diverse] 
 10. Peace Up [Produced by Diverse] 
 11. Motion Pictures [Produced by Diverse] 
 12. Desperado [Produced by Emani] 
 13. Cesar's Song feat. Annie Elliot [Produced by Diverse] 
14. Pasadena to Medina feat. The Alumni [Produced by Science]
 15. Rise Up [Produced by Diverse]

Foci - The Achievement Gap


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