Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Expert & Danny Diggs - "Expert Diggs" [Beat Tape] [2013]

 The Expert & Danny Diggs - "Expert Diggs" [Beat Tape] 
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 01. The Imitation (The Expert version)
 02. The Imitation (Danny Diggs version)
 03. The Float (The Expert version) 
 04. The Float (Danny Diggs version) 
 05. The Smoker (The Expert version)
 06. The Smoker (Danny Diggs version) 
 07. The Wrath (The Expert version) 
 08. The Wrath (Danny Diggs version) 

The Expert & Danny Diggs - "Expert Diggs"


All it took was their names. This EP came about through the idea of simply having a project called "Expert Diggs". Simply put The Expert & Danny Diggs decided to digg in the crates and find songs to give each other to sample and flip and put their own unique spin on them. This EP is the final product of these "Expert Diggs".

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