Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BLEE - BLEE Project [Album/Instrumentals] [2013]

BLEE - BLEE Project [Album/Instrumentals]
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 01. Intro ft Soul Natural
 02. Guilty by Association featuring Jas Mace of The 49ers
 03. Hiphop Globe featuring ABD, Zillah, Soul Natural 
 04. Freedom
 05. Posses Remix featuring Prince Po, Othello, Poems
 06. Give it all you got featuring Soul Natural 
 07. Outro
 08. Guilty by Association [Instrumental] 
 09. Hiphop Globe [Instrumental] 
 10. Posses Remix [Instrumental] 
 11. Give it all you got [Instrumental] 

BLEE - BLEE Project


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