Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LoopSkywalker - Skratch Zombies [Turntablism] [2013]

 LoopSkywalker - Skratch Zombies [Turntablism] 
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 01. Loop Skywalker - The Curse 
 02. Loop Skywalker - Skratch Zombie 
 03. They Attack 
 04. Emergency Broadcast System 
 05. Let The War Begin 
 06. Skratch Zombie Killer
 07. Destroy The Brain 
 08. Welcome To Hell (featuring Mr Switch) 

LoopSkywalker - Skratch Zombies


This album is made totally on turntables and a midi controller.It tells the story in skratch form of a zombie appocolypse.All beats ,bass and samples have all been manually manipulated by either turntables or played on the midi pads.This album is a showcase of what can be achieved by using turntables as a musical instrument.

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