Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dexter - Psychedelic Breaks & Nuggets [Mixtape] [2013]

 Dexter - Psychedelic Breaks & Nuggets [Mixtape] 
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 01. Dexter - Psychedelic Breaks & Nuggets 

 Dexter's "The Trip" is out now on gatefold LP this week! We celebrate the release with the limited mixtape "Psychedelic Breaks & Nuggets" which is out today on C60 Casette. 200 copies only. Rare tracks from the psychedelic years edited & mixed by Dexter from original vinyl pressings. Artwork by Gizem Winter. Only available at the MPM Store 

 For track list: go out and get yourself a tape! 

 Dexter - Psychedelic Breaks & Nuggets

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