Friday, August 9, 2013

All These Fingers - The Pictures [Beat Tape] [2013]

All These Fingers - The Pictures [Beat Tape] 
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 01. Paris, Texas 
 02. Punch-Drunk Love 
 03. Lone Wolf and Cub 
 04. La Jetée 
 05. Bob le Flambeur 
 06. Disco Godfather 
 07. The Long Goodbye
 08. Once Upon A Time In America
 09. The Abyss 
 10. Jackie Brown

All These Fingers - The Pictures THE PICTURES is a new instrumental beat tape by ATF. Each cut is named after a film which corresponds to the sounds within. This is not to say that the tracks use samples from the respective soundtracks, but are rather meant to convey the "feeling" of each movie. Imaginary musik...Put those 3D glasses on and shut yer eyes.

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