Sunday, August 4, 2013

Backspacez - A Dying Culture [Beat Tape/Album] [2013]

Backspacez - A Dying Culture [Beat Tape/Album] 
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01. Hip Hop (Intro) 
02. Love Song (feat. Cee the Scholar) 
03. Bankruptcy 
04. Now Entering Space
05. Welcome To Space (feat. BigBerd) 
06. Back From Space 
07. Saturn (Interlude)
08. Synergy (feat. KenSon)
09. Chicago (feat. Real) 
10. Final Minutes (feat. Toker P) 
11. Not A Drug
12. Murder Scene (feat. KJ Dynamic) 
13. Roughneck Business (feat. Negrostotle, Toker P) 
14. Sensei Of Sentences (feat. Tasteless MC) 
15. Undun (feat. Cee The Scholar)  16. Greatness (feat. Bottom Notch)
17. The Music (Outro)

 Backspacez - A Dying Culture

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