Tuesday, August 6, 2013

dj.noizcut - Leave Your Head Behind [Beat Tape] [2013]

dj.noizcut - Leave Your Head Behind [Beat Tape]
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01. Sad Clown Groove
02. Info Saturation 
03. Aren't We Stuck? 
04. R-C-K-T-S (with Gene Venom)
05. Moodfading 
06. Good Morphing Honey 
07. Direct Command Ignoration 
08. Context Remedy
09. Poppin' Heads Like Cherries
10. Picture Of Men 
11. Dirty T-ssues 
12. Celeb Drone 
13. Endless Cycle

dj.noizcut - Leave Your Head Behind It seems it takes more and more time for dj.noizcut to come out with some new material. When there was a one year gap between debut “Perplex" LP and “Moonswings" EP, it took over a year and half to finish new album called “Leave Your Head Behind". It consists of what you would expect - loads of samples, experimental electronic sounds and hip-hop beats. Raw songs, mellow songs. Fast songs, slow songs. Some cuts here and there, one rap song with noizcuts’ alter-ego Gene Venom. There wasn’t any concept behind this album, it’s just a composition of various moods and ideas. While some tracks sounds almost poppy, some has strong old-skool hip-hop flavour. Final sound kindly crafted by one and only - the Masterpegel. You don’t have to think a lot while listening to this piece, rather leave your head behind.

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