Friday, August 30, 2013

Fortyone - Go Bananas [Beat Tape] [2013]

Fortyone - Go Bananas [Beat Tape]
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01. Good Throw 
02. Bananas 
03. Golden Corral Dessert 
04. Ridiculous 
05. Little Flower (feat. Cosmic Sound) 
06. Feel Me (feat. MondreM.A.N.) 
07. I Like It Very Much
08. Rhubarb 
09. Some Fun Sounds 
10. Basketball Dribble 
11. A Very Nice Halloween Song 
12. Ric Flair 
13. Something 
14. Good Catch 

Fortyone - Go Bananas Availabale on: Cassette (Ltd. 100)

 "Fortyone is a rigorous, and only incidentally anonymous, composer of aleatoric music; building sample-based songs in the vein of collage-pop auteur Otis Fodder and the Bran Flakes, he churns through thrift store records and other finds in order to assemble a bank of samples he could imagine using. After only a single pass through each haul, he’s collected his samples and will not revisit individual albums to consider new sounds; he does no repeat listens during his scrutiny, no rewinds, no backtracking of any kind. Among the pratfalls of this process, '...the tracks appear on albums in the order I make them, so I'm often hoping I'll have enough drum, instrument, or vocal samples left for later on in an album. I have to keep this in mind as I make the album, [because] it's never concrete...' Though none of his own compositions take their structure from sampled works, lyrics and repeated themes occasionally seem to cohere into narratives. His current 'life’s work' is a Gnostic canon enshrined at, mapping his progress toward forty one releases composed according to the 'Fortyone process'.

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