Thursday, August 29, 2013

Funky DL - From Street to Sweet [Instrumentals] [Instrumentals] [2013]

Funky DL - From Street to Sweet [Instrumentals] [Instrumentals] 
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01. In My Own Words [Instrumental]
02. Sky Blue Show [Instrumental]
03. Within My Galaxy [Instrumental]
04. High Alert [Instrumental] 
05. Making the World Applaud [Instrumental]
06. Understood Me [Instrumental] 
07. Movement in Circles [Instrumental]
08. Before Our Love [Instrumental] 
09. My Life is My Life Remix [Instrumental]
10. Round and Round Remix [Instrumental]
11. Very Special Remix [Instrumental] 
12. Love Sunshine Remix [Instrumental] 
13. Good Days Will Come [Instrumental] 
14. 73 Almond Lane [Instrumental]
15. Let it Rain [Instrumental] 
16. Give It To Me Smooth Remix [Instrumental]
17. Leave Me Behind [Instrumental] 
18. Here To Stay [Instrumental] 
19. Just Thinking of You Remix [Instrumental]

Funky DL - From Street to Sweet [Instrumentals] Precisely a year and a day from the release of the popular 2012 instrumental album "Too Hard to Beat", Funky DL returns in 2013 with "From Street to Sweet" Instrumentals as the follow up.

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