Monday, August 12, 2013

LoFidel - One Tape Wonder [Beat Tape] [2013]

LoFidel - One Tape Wonder [Beat Tape] 
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01. Simple Syrup 
02. All The Time 
03. Heated Seats 
04. Cuba Libre 
05. Elyse 
06. Loungin 
07. Life On Bars 
08. Operator? 
09. Pick Up 
10. Out Today, In Tomorrow Feat. Sheisty Khrist 
11. Straight Shooter 

LoFidel - One Tape Wonder Recorded directly onto a 4 track cassette recorder from an analog sampler (MPC 2000XL) LIVE IN ONE TAKE, "One Tape Wonder" was created entirely analog and produced without any digital editing. Similar to the debut self-titled project "LoFidel", this instrumental album is a journey into the life of LoFidel using organically orchestrated hip hop beats. Throughout the album, several analog synthesizers were used (2 Korg synths and a Moog). The album features a special guest appearance by legendary MC Sheisty Khrist ("Out Today, In Tomorrow"). What a true hip hop instrumental SHOULD SOUND LIKE! 


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