Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rellim - The Slender Man [Beat Tape] [2013]

Rellim - The Slender Man [Beat Tape] 
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01. Intro To The Slender Man (Prod. by Rellim) 
02. Evil Presence (Prod. by Rellim) 
03. Bitchez Snitchin' (Prod. by Rellim)
04. Trapped In A Storm (Prod. Rellim X DCbb)
05. Make U Bustaz Gone (Prod. by Rellim)
06. Killin' Spree (Prod. by Rellim) 
07. Fuckin' Wit Da Killaz (Prod. by Rellim)
08. Soul Snatcher (Prod. by Rellim X DCbb) 
09. Encounter With Slender Man (Prod. by Rellim) 
10. Body Bags (Prod. by Rellim) 
11. Burnt Bodies (Prod. by Rellim X DSavageBeats) 
12. Bring Da Pain (Prod. Rellim X Konflict OD) 
13. Pass Da Blow (Prod. by Rellim)
14. Make Me Click (Prod. by Rellim)
15. The Taking (Prod. by Rellim) 
16. Murda Show (Prod. by Rellim x Mr. Sisco) 
17. The Slender Man Outro

 Rellim - The Slender Man New evil, gangsta, & eerie beat tape from SCP X Fway Nation producer Rellim and other Stoners.

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