Friday, August 23, 2013

Stix - Jam Pack (Digital Download) [Drum Kit] [2013]

Stix - Jam Pack (Digital Download) [Drum Kit] 
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01. Stix - Jam Pack (Digital Download) 

The Drum Broker is proud to announce one of our finest releases to date... 

Enter the Stix Jam Pack by renowned drummer and musician Stix . Stix is an official artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums and known as the current drummer for Chance The Rapper. 

The Stix Jam pack features over 100 original drums sounds from sessions with Legendary producers Jeff tweedy & Mario C (Beastie Boys Producer) recorded and sound designed at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso Texas (using vintage 8078 Neve Console & other high end recording chains). The Jam Pack also features sounds right from the Kids These Days LP "TraphouseRock" 

Kit features over 100 Original Drum Samples Mixed and Mastered by Chris Barnett: 
Elevator snares 
Snares in the shower 
Live Claps 
Cymbal Hits 
Cymbal Swells 
and full drum loops

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