Monday, August 5, 2013

Teekay - Psyychology [Album] [2013]

Teekay - Psyychology [Album] 
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01. Psyychology (A.Y.E. & Teekay)
02. Sinista Prime Minista (Bedroc Oxtail)
03. We Do It (Humble Giants) 
04. Saturday Night (Teekay/Chux/Nillie) 
05. Throw 'Em Up (Rubix) 
06. Wasted Dreams (Natural Ensemble)
07. The Ocean (Teekay) 
08. Mind on Vacay (Avious) 
09. Out of Range (Cam the Wiz) 
10. T.K.L.I.B. - To Kindly Live in Bliss (Jazzlib Collective) 
11. One of a Kind Remix (Teekay) 
12. Psyychology - Chill Mix (A.Y.E. & Teekay)

Teekay - Psyychology Through Dragon Fli Empire I've been able to rep my hometown to music fans across the world... and it never fails that people ask, 'what else can we look out for from Calgary?'. Well, here's my contribution to answering that question... I've assembled a few of Calgary's finest to join me in rockin' some of the freshest beats I've ever produced. We're showcasing another element to Calgary (a.k.a. YYC). This is our psYYChology.


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