Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zoner Chillington - Sober Vents [Beat Tape] [2012]

Zoner Chillington - Sober Vents [Beat Tape] 
(Click Cover To Download) 

01. Stages 
02. The Day It Happened 
03. D.E.E.P.intoEverything
04. Ignition Of HAZE 
05. Blowin' Soundclouds
06. Alonely (Interlude) 
07. Attachment Issues
08. The LOW LOW 
09. Try Me (Seduction Suggestions)
10. Cognac Relapse II 
11. Letter From Home (Traveling Pants) 
12. Yesterday's Turmoils

Here's a beat tape from Zoner Chillington (or Zone) out of Chicago! Peep It!!

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