Monday, September 9, 2013

Daedelus - Music Concrete [Single] [2013]

Daedelus - Music Concrete [Single] 
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01. Daedelus - Music Concrete 

Daedelus - Music Concrete [Single] With less the 2 weeks until "Drown Out" is released on Anticon and today celebrating 15 year's anniversary of the label in Los Angeles' Echoplex here is Music Concrete. 

The title, a play on the term for found sound features Chris Alfaro (of Free The Robots) and Phil Nisco skateboarding. I find the noise of which is speed incarnate. The sidewalk's texture, ollies and grinds, all evocative of a controlled fall. The track is that, barely holding on, crashing along, but also unabashedly free. 

 Drown Out is released on September 17th

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