Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doc Heller - Usual Rejects [Bootleg] [Beat Tape] [2013]

Doc Heller - Usual Rejects [Bootleg] [Beat Tape] 
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01. Smurfette 
02. Mighty Morphin Foreskin 
03. Muddy Daughters
04. Villain 4 Hire 
05. Dirt 4 Prof. 
06. You Don't Know Me
07. The Woopy Machine 
08. Rap Renaissance
09. Station 
10. Disaster Rang
11. Young G's 

Doc Heller - Usual Rejects [Bootleg] "Usual Rejects [Bootleg]" 
 Releasing this beat tape in hopes to raise money to support my dreams of living. Also in celebration of getting a domain name! TYBG!

-Doc Heller 

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