Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HEY WTF Records - 1 Year of #WorkThatsFresh [Compilation] [2013]

HEY WTF Records - 1 Year of #WorkThatsFresh [Compilation]
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01. Ryan Lucht - Retro Football
02. Brian to Earth - Breathe (In-n-Out)
04. ewonee - eenviroment
05. Beat Gates - The Professional
06. Dataka - When They Begin 
07. Lawnmowher x IDLEHANDS - Taiki

 HEY WTF Records - 1 Year of #WorkThatsFresh It's hard to believe that releasing this compilation marks a year since the start of HEY WTF. That year has flown by- there have been a lot of amazingly exciting moments, plenty of frustrating challenges, and some major changes. What we're presenting you today is a 7-track (plus some bonuses) compilation that's a snapshot of where we are now. In our early months we released just about any genre of music, but HEY WTF now proudly stands as a label dedicated to furthering beats music and its movement. 

 Enjoy this summary of the HEY WTF sound we've been developing. We're so grateful to have an amazing family of producers who're dedicated to growing together- we truly love you all (Lawnmowher, Mike, ewonee, Dataka, Jake, Beat Gates, Brian, and all the other artists who keep joining us). At the same time, Rae, Sara, Rachel and I look forward to growing as a label and doing everything we can to support and spread this amazing music. 

We believe that beats music is important- it's a unique genre of music in its ability to pay respectful homage, its versatility to creative listeners, and its unwavering down-to-earth culture. Please spread this music to your friends and families. This is #WorkThatsFresh.

 -Ryan Lucht, Head/Founder

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