Saturday, September 28, 2013

KEV BROWN - Brazil Dedication [Beat Tape] [2013]

KEV BROWN - Brazil Dedication [Beat Tape] 
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01. The Great
02. Montenegero
03. Clima Tropical
04. Language Barrier
05. A Melodia 
06. Exclusivo
07. Nao! / Now 
08. Bela Musica
09. Bossa... 
10. Baile Black [Remix]

KEV BROWN - Brazil Dedication "Peace Y’all... All these beats were made in Brazil. I went to Sao Paulo and Rio in December (2012) to perform and somehow, I ended up staying out there for 2 months! Maybe I’ll write a book one day...ha. I actually made more than these (beats) while I was there, but for this project I narrowed it down to joints that have either a Brazilian “sample” or influence. I brought the MPC 2500 with me... and yes, I still have the xl!. That was all I needed to make it happen. I was making beats in hotel rooms, at different people’s houses ... wherever. Goin’ hard, sampling straight in from whatever source was available at the time. Most places I was at didn’t have turntables. The “Baile Black Remix” actually features live musicians that are sampled from the original Hyldon session ... that was definitely a new experience for me. Traveling alone to a place where the main language isn’t english... Check my instagram (@kevbrownpictures). I was takin’ mad pix till I lost my phone out there...haha. 

God bless everyone I met along the way...Obrigado!/Thank you!

 - Kev Brown

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