Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knifefight - Knifefight [E.P.] [2013]

Knifefight - Knifefight [E.P.] 
(Click Cover To Download) 

 01. Gloss 
 02. Feel Me
 03. StrangeFresh
 04. Torn Victor (ft. Cities Aviv) 
 05. Pop Your Bubble (ft. Kool AD & Sub Con)
 06. Light Beat 

 Knifefight - Knifefight “I’ve been ahead of the curve, now sit back and observe,” Beans says, sparking Knifefight, his collaborative Anticon EP with producer Mux Mool. 

 After all, Beans has operated at the vanguard of art-rap since it was just called abstract. A co-founder of the Anti-Pop Consortium, the native New Yorker has long fused 24th century beats with staccato poetics. He’s navigated between the constellations of sci-fi and street, cerebral imagery balanced by electro-funk body grooves.

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