Monday, September 23, 2013

Prof.Logik - Prof​.​Logik's Relief Compilation [Compilation] [2013]

Prof.Logik - Prof​.​Logik's Relief Compilation [Compilation] 
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01. Moment-by Petite Yeti 
02. Message(Petite Yeti) Prod By BLKrKRT 
03. Star Product (Phase space) B3NBi Remix 
04. Aqueous DwarfStar (Go Yama Remix) 
05. Dirt (Doc Heller Remix)
06. Kosmik Kemet (Keor Meteor Remix) 
07. Mop Up-By Kongdu The Beatologist
08. Portals (Nosmo King Remix)
09. Star Product (Phase Space) Ion The Prize's Reciprocal Remix 
10. DreamCatcher (Aywee THA Seed Remix) 
11. Man Of Logik (Deflon Remix)
12. Message (Jon Rogers) Prod By Adjaman 
13. DSTNT STRR(For Mr.Grant) Jon Rogers(M^GGZ Remix) 
14. Message (RoughSoul) Prod by RoughSoul
15. Airlock (E+RO=3 Remix) 
16. Star Product (Phase Space) DREAMACHINE Mix
17. Star Product (Phase Space) Eric August Remix 
18. Essence (Weirddough Remix) 
19. Message (Kj Pieper) Prod by BLKrKRT
20. Untitled Logik (BLKrKRT Remix) 
21. AvOiD Swine (NegroSaki Remix) 
22. Airlock (9planets Re-Sample) 
23. Goosebumps (LooseScrewz Flip)
24. Preferences Prod by hLX
25. BOC (SuMi Flip)
26. Flight Simulator (ManOfTheDown's Existential Dreadmix) 
27. Air Statue Prod By GodsTouch Masked Alchemist 
28. What The Funk (DOC Mastermind Remix)*Bonus track 

Prof.Logik - Prof​.​Logik's Relief Compilation This Relief Compilation for Prof.Logik was put together by a bunch of talented producers from all over the globe to help in assist in helping Prof.Logik get his home studio(interior and Exterior) damages which was caused by flood damage resulting in almost the lost of his entire studio but with help from donation's via Paypal prof.Logik has been able to replace some of the equipment that was lost during the flood.Prof.Logik still needs everyone's support so that he can get back to creating music for everyone to enjoy.

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