Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Robot Orchestra - BoomBlap [Beats/Remixes] [2013]

Robot Orchestra - BoomBlap [Beats/Remixes] 
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01. Bring the Noise 
02. First Love 
03. Robot Invazion (Another Episode)
04. JesusPrice and MetalFace meet for a Bowl of Cereal 
05. HawkBit 
06. All Around Us
07. JAZz+jazZ=JAzZ?
08. Talib Kweli - Classic (Remix) 
09. It Seems... 
10. Keep On 
11. Follow the Sun 
12. Guilty Simpson and Elzhi - Real Heavy (Remix) 
13. Spooky Spirals (feat. RAmusiG*) 
14. Talking Box (Interlude) 
15. Lysergide
16. Damaged DemiGod 300
17. Live Broadcast 
18. J Dilla and Phat Kat - Game Over (Remix) 
19. Steady Rockin' 
20. Straight from Cassette
21. A Tribute to the King (feat. Loop.Holes)

Robot Orchestra - BoomBlap
This is not a concept album by definition. "BoomBlap" is merely a collection of Beats I made for a online beat battle and other contests. A few Remixes and Instrumental collaborations are also featured on this album. Thank you and enjoy.

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