Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seventy - Dedicated Dewitt Snack [Beat Tape] [2013]

Seventy - Dedicated Dewitt Snack [Beat Tape]
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01. sinkers/lov
02. couldnever
03. fuckmagazine
04. ophio
05. hey you
06. nicennes
07. machine
08. raw
09. Dedicated
10. Perimetros
11. Soullofi

Seventy - Dedicated Dewitt Snack I dedicated this time, more than a month to finish a project I had in mind, release several songs on soundcloud, and then erased to the delight of the moment, but I finally finished this lp dedicated to a great and one of my main influences my music and how to structure my productions, j Dilla, I used some samples of Jancey and an occasional inquiry, to give out these 11 free beats download, dirty sound lo-fi and complements this work, but thank my family for support and sustain the main tools, notebook, fruity loops 11 and battery kits, "Dedicated Dewitt Snack" enjoy peace disc and cover illustration, by 70 design, all the beats were created only 11 fl, no machines and mpc.

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