Monday, September 9, 2013

thurge - due to failing tecknology: the lost archives (2006​-​2009) [Beat Tape/Demo's] [2013]

thurge - due to failing tecknology: the lost archives (2006​-​2009) [Beat Tape/Demo's] 
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01. new beginnings [demo] 
02. in the islands [beat sketch] 
03. icchs anthem [beat sketch] 
04. gradz [beat sketch] 
05. the reason [verse] 
06. flip [beat] 
07. to nobody [short beat] 
08. fire for the people remix [Blue Scholars] 
09. a tribute to ill city [beat sketch] 
10. anak ng bayan [demo] 
11. secrets [demo] 
12. the side tomorrow never sees remix [Teim Atma; incomplete demo] 
13. more than words [verse]
14. i lost the lines [verse]
15. the mental militia [verse] 
16. the middleman [beat] 
17. death of a hustler [demo] 
18. high remix [The Speaks; demo] 
19. apologize remix [OneRepublic] 
20. impersonal narrative [beat] 
21. letter to a soldier [demo] 
22. die with everything [beat] 

 thurge - due to failing tecknology: the lost archives (2006​-​2009) a collection of recently found and digitally (sort of) restored demos, sketches, beats, verses, and incomplete material that never saw light. most of the songs were recorded on an old mac that managed to catch a virus and die on me. needless to say, i had no back up and all i had left was on an ipod that is almost dead as well. though they were predominantly recorded in 2009, many of them were thought of, inspired by, and remakes/recordings of material i have been working on since high school. who knows, maybe someday ill actually put some closure to some of them. enjoy!

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