Friday, October 11, 2013

Beat Gates - Somethings EP [Beat Tape] [2013]

Beat Gates - Somethings EP [Beat Tape] 
(Click Cover To Download) 

01. Stoned Balkans 
02. Let Me Tell You
03. Chasing Beatz
04. 1995
05. Belong To Me
06. Don't Leave Me Tonight
07. I Love You Miss Jazz 
08. Faire Un Détour (Bill Evans Tribute) 

 Beat Gates - Somethings EP ''Somethings EP'' is a collection of free single tracks, all uploaded on Beat Gates' SoundCloud during 2013. We offer 8 of them in this download. For more, check out Beat Gates on SoundCloud for weekly free tunes. Thank you. Enjoy the tracks, peace & love!

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