Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BeNeVoLeNcE - The Other Worlds - 2nd Act [Album] [2013]

BeNeVoLeNcE - The Other Worlds - 2nd Act [Album] 
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01. Press Play (The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess)
02. Prologue (Director's Cut -Intellect Mix- (Dynasty Warriors)
03. HairCut (Magna Carta - Tears of Blood) 
04. This Love -Small Town Mix- (Final Fantasy VII) feat. J Mylez 
05. Mr. Big -Sophisticated Mix- (Sora no Kiseki - FC) feat. Mirage, Duel, Impermanence, & 3P 
06. The Bonds Between Us (The Last Story) 
07. Broken Dreams (Crimson Shroud) 
08. Our First Date(s) -Flow Mix- (Phantasy Star Online)
09. Status Update -Conquest Remix- (Fire Emblem - Awakening) feat. Flux, Duel, 3P, Dabin, & Jaewoo 
10. Everything Is Alright On The Moon (To The Moon)
11. The Elements (Soul and Arrow) -Etrian Woodland Mix- (Etrian Odyssey IV) feat. Substantial
12. Saving Point -Stream Remix- (Tales of Phantasia) 
13. Thorned Rose (Chrono Trigger) feat. Impermanence 
14. Blue Heart -XII Hearts Mix- (Kingdom Hearts) feat. 3P 
15. Elemental Bars (Golden Sun) feat. Random 
16. Thanks For Playing (Star Ocean - Till The End Of Time) 

BeNeVoLeNcE - The Other Worlds - 2nd Act The sequel to the "Other Worlds EP" and the second official release full-length lyrical album from BeNeVoLeNcE. The focus of this album is to blend the thought-provoking rhymes, fantasy influenced lyrics, musical storytelling, and witty wordplay of BeNeVoLeNcE with refined beats that are laced with samples from various RPG video game titles. "The Other worlds - 2nd Act" contains remixes of previous tracks released by BeNeVoLeNcE as well as unreleased songs and a few fresh ones.

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