Friday, October 25, 2013

Cosmic Analog Ensemble - "Deltas Of Matacumbo" [Beat Tape] [2013]

Cosmic Analog Ensemble - "Deltas Of Matacumbo" [Beat Tape] 
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01.Intro (Side A) 
02.Some Things Happen 
03.Night Moves 
04.No Map Territories
05.New Hamra 
06.Astronauts On Earth
07.Positive Space
08.Deltas For Corridors 
09.Reverse Countdown
10.Frontiers Music
11.Day Moves (Side B)
12.Somehows And Somewhats
13.A Street Legacy 
14.Urban Tropic (Pt. i)
15.Aluminium Cedar
17.New City Ants
18.In Matacumbo
19.Flight Of Stairs
21.A Strange Curve (Side C)
22.Combat Music
23.Pelican Down 
24.Outerwaves (Pt. i)
25.Intersecting Lines 
26.Outerwaves (Pt. ii) 
27.(Interlude) (Pt. ii) (Side D) 
28.Melting Angles 29.Cosmic Gangsta
30.Vertical Skyline
31.Urban Tropic (Pt. ii) 
32.Naked Street 
33.Urban Tropic (Pt. iii)
34.Mapping Emptiness 

Cosmic Analog Ensemble - "Deltas Of Matacumbo"

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  1. please this beat tape is 7 usd - but yesterday this beatape was free , can you post a way for download free please ( sorry for my english )