Thursday, October 17, 2013

FroManPro - [Vapor​]​ハッシュ [Beat Tape] [2013]

FroManPro - [Vapor​]​ハッシュ [Beat Tape] 
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01. Deep Mountains [軽くたたく1]
02. GhOsT HiTs [軽くたたく2] 
03. 1/8th Anxiety [軽くたたく3]
04. Light Side of The Sun [軽くたたく4]
05. Effect on KnOcK [軽くたたく5] 
06. Divergence of Dreams [軽くたたく6] 
07. VaPoRiZe [軽くたたく7] 
08. Hyouka [氷菓] [軽くたたく8] 
09. Dream Eater [軽くたたく9] 
10. Physical.Displacement [軽くたたく10]

FroManPro - [Vapor​]​ハッシュ Vapor]ハッシュ is a Tape I have dedicated much of my time to. It has some more experimental elements you could say/ abstract concepts via sampling sounds and much more.I hope it aspires and reaches the pleasure of your ears and I hope you all enjoy the [Vapor]ハッシュ

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