Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gadget - Chop Therapy Sessions [Beat Tape] [2013]

Gadget - Chop Therapy Sessions [Beat Tape] 
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01. Golden Tornado 
02. sOULjah
03. A Heads Up For Ivan 
04. Amen To That 
05. Cultural Clouds 
06. Escape From Tron 
07. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
08. Fantastic Granite
09. Furious Style 
10. Nautilewis 
11. Soul Nodable
12. Next Episode Instrumental 
13. Stillness 
14. Take Two 
15. Martian Cruiser 
16. Next Episode Remix

Gadget - Chop Therapy Sessions Out of the Audio Dojo comes a second 2013 solo production album release from Gadget, as he introduces us to his ‘Chop Therapy Sessions’ instrumental project. Some of these instrumentals were made as a result of Gadget being invited as the seventh member of the now sixteen hundred plus strong group of creative’s called The Beat Inn, founded by UK rapper TY. Gadget contributed to the groups weekly ‘Therapy Chop Chop’ sample challenges from the very first session, amounting to approximately 50 plus submissions in total as well as doing his own in between sessions.

 This album consists of sixteen tracks, showcasing sample based productions which are some of Gadget’s favourite TCC submissions or instrumentals of him solely challenging himself to create something using sample sources that he may usually avoid on first listen. 

 All of the samples used are in the intros and outros, or in the text document included with the download which also comes with bonus art by Fraser Lyness aka Doc.

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