Monday, October 7, 2013

IKABOD BUM - RAW DATA JAZZ: The Traditional Compositionals [Compilation] [2013]

IKABOD BUM - RAW DATA JAZZ: The Traditional Compositionals [Compilation] 
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01. Ikabod Bum - Nova Boss 6 
02. Phorsus - Tell Me How to Get 
03. Scottie Pimpin - Flippin It 
04. Perksun - Out of a Dream 
05. Amin Payne - Moved On 
06. KN1 - Concentrate
07. K.Pizzle - Jazzard Bap Flo (R.I.P. George Duke) 
08. Retr05pect - Brazil Smooth 
09. Juels - Feel Like 
10. Nextwon - Soulsplinter 
11. Nik Fuq - Create Your Own Adventure 
12. Prozak Morris - Hood Dreams 
13. Pat The Baker - School 
14. 4th Dimension - Deck Chair Lounge 
15. Eats Beats - Sloppy Trees 
16. Pawcut - Estate 
17. Scaley WaleZ - Escúchela 
18. PhillipDrummond - Stardust In My Cereal 
19. Artonius - Dinner Theatre

 IKABOD BUM - RAW DATA JAZZ: The Traditional Compositionals "RAW DATA JAZZ" is the two-part follow-up beatstrumental compilation to "Raw Data in Space," and the third and final of the original RAW DATA compilation series. RAW DATA's first double release, "The Traditional Compositionals" (PART I) skews towards the dusty, jazz/soul-sample flips which will either induce head-nod neck pain, acute freestyle inspiration, or simply cruise control enhancement.

o_0 - These dudes are all monsters in their own right, and you can tell they love making beats. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to share my and their music with the world. God is good."

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