Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Low Post Music - Twenty Duckettes [Beat Compilation] [2013]

Low Post Music - Twenty Duckettes [Beat Compilation]
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01. Vik Uno (Rob Viktum) - Arashi 
02. Vik Uno (Rob Viktum) - Fukushū 
03. Vik Uno (Rob Viktum) - Omoide 
04. Vik Uno (Rob Viktum) - Jūjun'na 
05. VIk Uno (Rob Viktum) - Shihai-tekina 
06. Phraim - Chilli Powder 
07. Phraim - Debutaunt 
08. Phraim - Gone Bygones
09. Phraim - Jinnecess 
10. Phraim - Road Rash
11. M Slago - Jack Bandit 
12. M Slago - Monolith
13. M Slago - Sleep Number 7
14. M Slago - Team Gummy Worms
15. M Slago - This Must Be Mercury

Low Post Music - Twenty Duckettes This Beat Tape is the first in a new series of Instrumental projects that Low Post Music will be putting out. The creation of this project was a bit of a competition in the fact that the producers were only allowed to spend 20 dollars each on records they had never heard before and make 5 beats each out of just those records. This first volume features Vik Uno (Rob Viktum), Phraim, and M Slago. For more info follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/LowPostMusic

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