Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ron Artiste - R.I.D.S. (Riot In Da Stands) [Album] [2012]

Ron Artiste - R.I.D.S. [Album]
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01. RontrO 
02. Ron's Theme (Feat - EDO.G) (Producers: Soul Professa) 
03. Trapped In (Producers: Oh No)
04. Wisewords (Feat - Oh No) (Producers: Oh No)
05. Noplace2hide (Feat - Rapper Big Big Pooh (of Little Brother)(Producers: DJ Dez Andres) 
06. Bar Catchers (Producers: Soul Professa) 
07. High Enuff (Feat - Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady)(Producers: IMAKEMADBEATS)
08. I Will (Feat - Ariano) 
09. Riot In Da Stands (Feat - Casual (of Hieroglyphics)(Producers: Oh No) 
10. Prepared (Feat - LMNO (of Visionaries)(Producers: DJ Dez Andres) 
11. You Try (Producers: Jansport J) 
12. Go Hard (Feat - Medaphoar (aka MED)(Producers: Soul Professa) 
13. Follow (Producers: DJ Dez Andres) 
14. Ang Artiste'(Featuring Ang 13) 
15. Meta Artiste' (Feat - Tristate; Alchemist) (Producers: Twiz The Beat Pro) 
16. Homicide (Feat - King T) Producers: Twiz The Beat Pro) 
17. DOA Laid (Feat - Laid Law) (Producers: Soul Professa) 

Ron Artiste - R.I.D.S. Earlier this week Charli 2Na released for Free download Ron Artiste: RID available on SoundCloud. This is a project Charli 2NA collaborated on with Roc C from Stone's Throw fame, now available to you for free! If you never got to hear the album or wanted it here is your chance. Check it out!

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