Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beats for Change - Tacloban HOPE [Compilation] [2013]

Beats for Change - Tacloban HOPE [Compilation]
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01. Dagger D.X. - Parts (1/2/3)
02. Azteka - Hope 
03. Trian Kayhatu - Recon 235
04. Tall Black Guy - Searchin For Sounds
05. Amin Payne - The Right Path
06. MOODS - Thinking About You 
07. Daniel Crawford - Together We Stand
08. Kenny Keys - Kaya Mo Yan (Raise Your Head 2 The Sky)
09. Bugseed - Celestial Change 
10. Roughsoul - The Movement 
11. DNGRSC - Its Okay
12. deeB - Blown Out
13. Beats o Freen - Labanan 
14. Maximoe - For the Soul
15. Ben Bada Boom - Illusion
16. Losco. - Strange Ways 
17. Julien Mier - Vivid Shatters 
18. mfp - Confest 
19. Pandaboy - Old Friend 
20. Scruffnuk Dust - Wondering Nights
21. Giorgio Oehlers - Fly Over Tacloban
22. The Soul Pilot - Odd Banger
23. Muna Baradi - Mourning Dove

 Beats for Change - Tacloban HOPE
This album is fundraising response to what happened after one of the most powerful Typhoons on record hit Tacloban and the people of the Philippines. 

Beats for Change has put together a worldwide roster of heavy hitting music producers who have joined forces and put together a jam packed album of unreleased instrumental music. 

All proceeds go directly to our partner on this GlobalMedic.ca ("GlobalMedic provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies") They have been on the ground since the disaster hit providing clean drinking water and medical supplies, more info on them here: www.facebook.com/pages/GlobalMedic/40657997157 and globalmedic.ca 

Thank you for all your support on this!

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